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                                About Auckland Cat Club Inc

In 1932, "NZ Pekinese & Persian Cat Club Inc" was formed as an Incorporated Society.

 Then in 1949, a meeting was held to form "Auckland Cat Club Inc.", and included  "NZ Pekinese & Persian Cat Club Inc".

The Auckland Cat Club Inc., is an All - Breed cat club, welcomes anyone as a pet owner, or for showing, breeding, caring, welfare or just an interest in cats as members.

The Club caters for all breeds off cats including Registered Pedigrees, Domestics (moggies or general household cats/pets) and Companion (pedigree or cats without pedigee that don't quite fit the show standards of NZCF).

The club prides itself in having a good membership that utilises modern day technology to keep in touch with all of it's members.

To become a member, simply fill in a membership form and send with your cheque or pay online.

The club normally holds two Shows per year, one being our main Championship Show of Pedigree Cats and Kittens plus Domestics and Companions.

Results are available for the Club's Shows each year once completed then confirmed.

Just click onto "Show Results" for Supreme placings or a Sub tab for various sections, (the black highlighted Sub Titles).

The club is affiliated to a National Body known as "NZ Cat Fancy Inc."  . Members have access to the full Show Schedule throughout NZ, plus a list of breeders, cat standards, downloads, judges list plus heaps of other items.

The Club also publish a quarterly newsletter (more of a mini-magazine though) that keeps us all in touch as a newsletter should. We call it "Catnip" and is mailed to all of our members.

The club just like other Incorporated Clubs is worked purely by members whom volunteer their time to ensure the smooth running of affairs (the goals) as set out in the club's Constitution.

A Monthly Meeting is held each month on the first Thursday evening (except January) where everyone is welcomed to attend.

An Annual General Meeting is held each April of each year to elect the Officers and Officials of the club. This is held on the first Thursday of each April.

The club meet at a Place (usually well known) in Auckland from 7.00p.m. Please feel free to attend, you may want to bring up something that others can assist.

The club also have from time to time, Guest Speakers, Training or Discussion Sessions (like Grooming, Vaccinations, Show Preparation, or being a specialised worker like Stewarding etc.).

And the Best Part, you get to meet the friendly smiles of others just like yourself. 

If you need any more information or facts, please contact any of our Officers or fill in "Contact Us" by clicking onto title of same name above.Now have a peruse of all our pages by clicking onto the titles above. 

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